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ORDER NOW! CALL US 24/7 (888)-509-0032

Here's the deal, most of us will face some sort of legal adversity at some time or another; It's just the harsh, unfortunate truth. Somebody's going to get served and somebody has to do it. That somebody's QuikServeOklahoma and not only will we do it but, we'll do it better, faster and more affordable than the rest! There's no need to worry about the loss of Affidavits and slow ,deplorable service. We'll get it done for you so you don't have to worry unnecessary hassles. Just focus on your case! Feel free to leave us a little information telling us about your case, ask us how we can best serve you. Just fill in the information below and we'll get right on it! 


Why Choose US, 

Choose us because we know Process Serving thoroughly from the sheer act of printing off a subpoena to be rushed served to strategizing methods of catching that one elusive respondent. We're here for you 24 hours a day /7 days a week. More importantly, you should choose us because we're more affordable and flexible than our competition being licensed statewide, having no boundaries or limitations in the great state of Oklahoma. We are striving to build QuikservOklahoma into a leading force in the legal industry here in Oklahoma city all while forging strong relationships with you. QuikservOklahoma Legal Process Servers understand that time really is of the essence so we are eager to get you your affidavits back as quickly as possible. Best of all, we made it really easy to do business with us. Simply upload the documents to be served at the time of purchase and leave specifics you want us to know about the serve in the appropriate boxes and we'll get to it! You can even mail the legal documents to our PO Box. Either way is fine with us, try us out and see for yourself and more than likely you'll revisit with us, over and over again!