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About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves to you. QuikserveOklahoma is a Process Serving Company that transports legal documents of any type to parties of an ongoing legal proceeding. These documents may include but are not limited to the following: Citations, Garnishments, Child Support Orders, Forcible Entry Detainers and Affidavits, Summons, Subpoenas, and Restraining Orders.

We are licensed as Process Servers by the State Of Oklahoma, bonded, insured and hold Private Investigator Licensure. Our company established a mission to improve this valuable service, when we realized that a void existed with the Process Serving Industry. As we served clients throughout the State of Oklahoma, we recognized that many Process Serving Companies were lacking in systematic practices, inconsistency, organizational effectiveness, and avoidable delays which inconvenienced their clients. These concerns have inspired QuikserveOklahoma to improve the progression of process serving.   You can expect that our company will ensure that your legal document will be transported expeditiously while staying within the confines of the law. This is the type of service we feel our clients are entitled to receive.


We are committed to work in an immediate fashion and pride ourselves in customer service. We are also more affordable than our competition. Work with us and we’ll definitely work with you to establish a long-term, hassle-free relationship. Bulk document discounts are also available when applicable.